A higher “Completeness of Performance” rating from Breedplan gives stud breeders more confidence in the selection of highly desirable traits. Stud stock purchasers can select animals with measurable traits generated by an independent program such, as low birth weights, high growth, high milk, from raw data recorded.

     The Blonde breed receives BREEDPLAN Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for the following traits:

    • Gestation length
    • Birth weight
    • 200, 400 and 600-day weight
    • Mature cow weight
    • 200-day milk
    • Scrotal size
    • Carcass weight
    • Eye muscle area
    • Rib fat
    • Rump fat
    • Retail beef yield
    • Intra-muscular fat

    Breedplan is also recording data for other traits such as: .

    • Calving ease
    • Docility scoring
    • Flight time
    • Net feed intake
    • Structural scores
    • Days to calving   

    The raw data that members are sending in to Breedplan will help to build a database that can be used to calculate EBV's for those traits in the future. Seed stock producers are also able to submit DNA test results which may assist in the development of marker assisted EBV's.

    Breedplan Enquiries

    For more information contact:

    Catriona Millen

    Phone: 02 6773 3357
    mobile: 0409 102 644
    email: catriona@sbts.une.edu.au



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