FeeHaven Farms is very proud to announce the semen offering of the 2021 Canadian National Grand Champion Bull FHF GoldRush 37G .
    It has been many years since the last offering of a Polled Fullblood Blonde dAquitaine Bull .

    I have raised both males and females of GoldRush’s genetic lines over the years, And those outcomes made it easy to help decide that this is the time to Take the opportunity to having GoldRush drawn ,
    FeeHaven Farms slogan is ! Focusing on the hips not the horns, FHF GoldRush’s first calf crop of 2021 is consistently standing up to the slogan. "putting the muscle on where matters !"

    FHF GoldRush has been genomic tested and is ranked well in top in comparison with the other top known Canadian tested bulls .

    FHF GoldRush will Be offered to both Domestic and export sales, with options of sexed semen.

    This is a limited draw .

    Please contact me on messenger or email of your interests and questions.


    Blonde cross calves perform exceptionally well in the feedlot. Some feedlotters claim Blonde cross calves "explode" when placed on the feedlot. With the breed's known high feed efficiency, as proven by the Vasse Feed Trials in WA, feedlotters are getting more growth and using less grain to finish a Blonde sired animal.

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    sire shoot out
    ACM is proud to announce the launch of a new online promotional opportunity and competition - Sire Shootout.
    Limitations may be in place on travel and visitors at the moment but that doesn’t mean that sale bulls need go unnoticed. Sire Shootout is an opportunity to promote Registered and Herd bulls* far beyond the local clientele,outside of the breeders state border and as far as an international audience. Beyond the prizes and competition status on offer, this is one of the best marketing opportunities ACM has ever offered.

    We would love to have a strong representation of the Blonde d'Aquitaine breed showcased in this online promotional event.We would be appreciative of your support if you could please push the Sire Shootout out to your current member database via your platforms. This is an exciting opportunity for any Australian blonde breeder leading into the start of the Queensland selling season.
    Following the success of the Beef Battle which was viewed on the website more than 17,000 times and an additional 24,000 times on social media across at least 50 different countries. Exhibitors in the Beef Battle reported private sale offers of up to $50,000 while others fielded interest in semen and eggs from across the world.
    ACM has an online audience of 626,301 through our websites and 542,587 through social media, how far will each bull go?
    Entries are open now until June 26,with contributed photos and videos of each individual animal due by June 26. These will be collated by our team at Wild Colt Productions and a team of judges will then cast their eyes over each animal. The live judging will be broadcast across ACM’s six agriculture mastheads (North Queensland Register, Queensland Country Life, The Land, Stock and Land, Stock Journal and Farm Weekly) for to a global audience from July 6 to July 9 culminating in a supreme bull award.
    Each stud can nominate a maximum of four bulls and is open to Australian animals only. The animal must be registered with a breed society and for sale in 2020 through either private treaty or a public auction.
    Class 1 - Bos Indicus bulls
    Class 2 - British bulls
    Class 3 - Euro bulls
    Key dates
    Entries open/close: Monday May 11 till Friday June 26, 5 pm
    Footage Deadline : Friday, June 26, 5pm
    Entry fee is $200 per head + GST.
    Please see the below link for further information and how to nominate.
    *Please see terms and conditions regarding Herd Bull Nominations.

    Blonde dAquitaine Monal Alina M32 ORB Breeder

    ORB Breeder
    5 December at 10:07 ·

    2019 "ORB - Miss Asia/Africa"

    GOLD: Australia - Blonde d'Aquitaine (6 points)
    SILVER: Eswatini - Boran (5 points)
    BRONZE: South Africa - Dexter (5 points)

    (Tie for Silver was broken by removing Judge Bruwer's placings)

    Judge's selections for Gold:

    Martins Machado (Brazil): AUSTRALIA - BLONDE D'AQUITAINE
    Bruwer (South Africa): SOUTH AFRICA - DEXTER
    Ernst (Luxembourg): AUSTRALIA - BLONDE D'AQUITAINE
    Wilson (Canada): ESWATINI - BORAN

    renard blond cattle melbourneWINNER: Renard Blondes stud principal Ellie Stephens with the supreme exhibit female. Photo: Andrew Miller.


    A COROWA stud has claimed the Blonde a'Aquitaine supreme exhibit with its two-year-old female.

    Renard Blondes stud principal Ellie Stephens said the win was recognition for the stud's ongoing commitment to breeding pure Blondes.

    "It's always a thrill when you put the hard work into the cattle and work with them to get them up to scratch so it's always nice to be rewarded," she said.

    "The bull she went up against was excellent ... he was well put together and Bronwyn Ward who owns him specialises in French pure cattle so we were pleased to win the exhibit."

    It was Ms Stephen's third time showing Blondes at the Royal Melbourne Show.

    "The stud has been in operation since 1987. My partner Ian Fox has won many awards over the years for the breed," she said.

    "I think for my heifer she's fairly soft and is a great feed converter.

    "One of the things we find with our clients who buy Blonde bulls is that they go well over the British breeds because they add carcase and length and really that gives you more yield as a producer and more dollars in your pocket."

    The stud runs 700 head as part of its operation which has a line of Blonde crosses for commercial purposes.

    --- Stock & Land

    The Gate 2 Plate Challenge is a competition for beef producers which assesses cattle performance through the grain-fed, MSA graded, domestic supply chain in Western Australia.

    The competition is run under the Albany Agricultural Society Inc. and organised by a group of volunteers.

    The competition aims to reflect as closely as possible the real life situation of cattle entering the grain fed, MSA graded, domestic supply chain and reward those animals that not only meet requirements for carcase quality but are also profitable at each stage.

    Competitors receive detailed feedback on individual and group animal performance at each stage of the supply chain throughout the competition.

    Corolin Blondes entered their team of two steers and a heifer and gained 5th place out of 58 teams. Out of the top 18 teams, 16 teams were sired by “Euro” bulls.

    Corolin 5th Place Gate 2 Plate Challenge

    Cooloola Blondes wins gympie carcase classicThe Nolan family's Cooloola Blondes come up trumps at the Gympie Carcase Classic winning the Charlie Cotter all-rounder award. Pictured are Terry Nolan, Cooloola Blondes, Cinnabar, Jan Cotter, Sexton, and Dan and Leanne Sullivan, Sullivan Livestock, Gympie. The Nolan family claimed top honours at the Gympie Carcase Classic winning the prestigious Charlie Cotter all-rounder champion award and the reserve champion title on Friday night.

    Blonde d'Aquitaine entries from Cooloola Blondes also had the first and second most profitable animals with impressive $374 and $338 net gain in value.


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